Our Mission

Once upon a time, we were a small service firm dedicated to building world-class software for whatever our clients needed…but then something changed.

We’re still a small firm. We still aim to build world-class software. But we want to do more. 

Why Healthcare?

Over the past several years, SAI Digital (that’s us!) has worked with numerous hospitals and healthcare providers in Northwest Georgia. Along the way, we solved several problems in several different areas of operations…and all that experience lead us to the product we embody today: MedCred.

MedCred is the result of working with hundreds of clients on healthcare solutions, and noticing common themes and problems throughout the industry.

There are too many different software providers. There are way too many “silos,” meaning a single organization can have dozens of different vendors and different products, which may or may not work with each other.

There are dozens and dozens of staff across different departments, who all have to coordinate on a daily basis. There are way too many emails, notifications, papers, checklists, to-do lists, and phone calls happening.

Shouldn’t it be just a tad easier?

MedCred will unify

MedCred’s mission is simple: To be the one solution across a healthcare organization’s most important asset: it’s people.

MedCred is a people engine. We want our software to help your organization recruit, onboard, train, and review the very best student talent. The very best employees. The very best nurses, physicians, doctors, and staff.

Our simple software will make all daily operations easier. More efficient, and more effective.

How can we help you?

How can we make your life easier as a staff? How can we help your hospital recruit, hire, and retain the very best and brightest students? How can we make your rotations process operate smoothly?

There’s only one way to find out.

Click the button below to see a free demo of MedCred in action, and let one of our team members walk you through how our product will make your life easier!

It’s totally free, and we’ll always be respectful of your time.


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