MedCred: Student

MedCred: Student is officially a “Credentialing Management Portal.”

In plain English, the portal is a simple piece of software that streamlines the entire process of student credentialing.

From start to finish, MedCred: Student is a solution to the problem of countless spreadsheets, documents, checklists, emails, reminders, papers…all used by multiple departments and individuals.

Our portal unifies and organizes the entire process across your admin, recruiting, health, IT, and security departments for all your students and instructors.

What our customers say

“MedCred frees me to be more productive, to get our from the paperwork, phone calls, and emails, to truly interact with students.” – Michelle Evans, Floyd Health Professions Liaison

“I wish every hospital made it this easy!” – Delighted Student

MedCred: Student Savings

  • 15-20 printed sheets of paper per student
  • Approximately 6 emails per student
  • Approximately 45 minutes per student
  • Approximately 3 headaches per month

What can MedCred: Student do?

  • Personalized checklists for various rotation types.
  • HIPAA-compliant file processing and storage
  • Department-level queues (IT, Health, Security, etc)
  • Dynamic EMR credentialing
  • Manageable orientations & quizzes
  • Online forms routed to appropriate users
  • Dashboard tracking of student progress
  • Alerts & notifications at specific milestones
  • Built-in background checks and drug testing services

What does it do for hospitals?

MedCred: Student eliminates paperwork and simplifies day-to-day processes, reducing errors institution-wide and encouraging proactive student support.

Improved student experience means enhanced perception among top recruits, allowing hospitals to recruit and retain top-tier students.

Want to see the Student portal in action?

Click the button below to get a quick glance at how the MedCred: Student portal works, and how it can help you!